AniiWorld a biological learning AR game app for adolescents. In this electronic era, we encourage children to go out of the house and get in touch with nature more. Promote the curiosity of the animals around them by playing and learning and expand their knowledge of this aspect.

2021 Summer


UX research; Ideation;
UIUX design; User testing; UX Motion


After effect;


Aniiworld is a passion project that I started in 2021 when the whole world is experiencing Covid-19. People are learning to live a new way, but we also miss what we had before... especially children. Being locked at home makes kids live in an unhealthy way, both physically and mentally.


Adolescents who are curious about their surroundings and wish to explore about biology and nature can become frustrated because of the loss of connection between nature and humans due to the electronic era and the missing chance of fun and inspirational biology education from school.

What if we could design a system that considered children's natural love for games and encouraged them to go outside to actively explore, discover, and expand their knowledge at the same time?

Our Solution & Keywords


Get outside to explore a new world with AR technology. Find different kind of animals and make more friends!


Enrich the understanding of animals and it’s evaluation process.


Battle with different players around the world


Collect all kinds of animals, and different skins for them, have fun!

Now let us show you how amazing AniiWorld is

Explore nearby

Explore and discover all creatures in reality, then catch it to collect the animal card.


In the library, you can learn more about these animals, and there are more video and audio explanations You can learn more about these animals in the library, and more video and audio explanations t help you better understand. You can also dress up the animals that you collected.

PK Dojo

In the arena, you can battle with others to see who knows avout this animal better. Winning the game can upgrade your animals and get rewards, thereby promoting healthy competition and increasing the enthusiasm for learning.

Explore the Virtual World

The virtual world can lead users to some distant places, let them feel the local environment immersive, and explore the local creatures

The process

How do we get there?

User Research

Positioning Matrix

I am looking into several trending games and similar interactive AR educational products and positing our product at the top right, which is an educational-based game promoting outdoor exploration.


Analysis selling points among those two successful games and think about how we can get some inspiration from those successful games.

Ideations to Features




With the user scenario and signature interactions in mind, I drew the low-fidelity first to visualize our concept and then created mid-fidelity prototypes to enhance further the detailed user interactions and screens in our app.

User testing

Before the final design of Aniiworld, multiple rounds of design changes and user testing were made during the process. With the help of testing users through different flows in the app, I was able to make a more throughout design at the end.

Design Language System & Brand Identity

The name of "AniiWorld" is homophonic to any world, meaning you can "visit" any place in the world in our app. For the design system, I chose Nunito as the font in the whole system, considering its rounded, playful, and readable characteristics. For all other UI components, I want them to stay consistent with our playful and gamified style. This is definitely a big challenge for me to do the game interface and visual design for the first time.

Market Presence

I also create a demo of market presence material like how our app will showcase in App Store, and Instagram marketing campaigns.

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