Other fun projects
that I made!🌟

Data Visualize
3D Modeling

Everyday Life - 3D Motion

The whole project is taking about how a random daily lives looks like,  it shows what kinds of different activities will people experience. Using “diversity” color, shape, movement, and elements in the scene to “strength” the idea of our day to day lives routine is diverse and continuous all the time. During the process, I learned the fundamentals of 3D modeling, rendering, and animations within C4D.

Infographic Poster series

These set of poster focusing on using graphic and chart to visualize a process of a set of data.

Cinema Poster

Designing a cinema poster for ArtCenter Film Festival. The poster can also folded into a brochure.

Hello Apple - 2D Motion

A short 2D motion graphic video which I am trying to mimicking Apple's minimal and elegant visual feeling.

Typographic Poster

A set of graphic works for Typographic Conference. I design the wodmark identity, poster series, and a couple of applications.