2021 Internship

ByteDance Internship

Last year I had six months of internship experience @ ByteDance as a User Experience Designer in TikTok international monetization products group. I can’t agree more with the company culture “Always day one.” During this internship experience, I mainly focused on the TikTok Ads platform. Working in such a big international group let me have the chance to collaborate from start to finish with stakeholders in product, engineering, and operations in cross-functional projects.


2021 Jun-Nov


UX research; Product thinking; UIUX design;
User testing


User experience designer


Figma; Lark


6 months internship


Totally completed 40+ design requirements


28 of them have been launched


Worked with 28 stakeholders
Project 1 :Reconstructed & Iterate

Check-out System

Reconstructed and iterate the checkout system,  analyzed the pain points of the platform and the advantages of competing products, and finally produced solutions and promoted the implementation by encouraging users to save payment method. After the launch, the payment success rate of users increased by 16.5% and the conversion rate of product-side increased by 2.6%.

🎯 Project Background & Goal

1. At present, the platform supports various saved payment methods for convenience, but the usage of these saved methods is currently low

2. The daily success rate for saved payments is 15% higher than one-time payments

📊 Old design & Competitive analyze

1. Checkout page

2. Card management page

After experience 8+ competitive products

Most Competitors disclose only the saved payment methods, with addition other payment methods as a secondary folded content. This approach enhances the distinction between the saved and other new or one-time payment methods, reducing user confusing between these two.

🤔️ Iteration Strategy

Expose and emphasis the saved payment method entry point and shorten the path
Differentiate priorities for various scenarios
Keep experience consistent across platforms

✅ Achievements

Some other projects that I did....

Build a internal management tool from zero to one

Reach Center

Reach Center is a comprehensive internal management tool for handling all popup messages across our front-end platforms. Designing the entire backstage tool from scratch has been a challenging but valuable experience for me. This project has deepened my understanding of designing complex B2B internal tools, highlighting the utmost importance of clarity and efficiency.

Design challenges & considerations

1. Responsible for designing the whole project independently.
2. Have a deep understanding of the background story and sort out the hierarchy of all informations.
3. While the entire toolset may be rather complex, as UX designers, it is our responsibility to ensure a clear and intuitive navigation structure, preventing users from becoming overwhelmed with an excessive amount of information at once. This enables users to efficiently and seamlessly reach their goals.

Knowledge collection & sharing

Tips For Global Marketing

Run the "Tips for Global Marketing" lark channel with other interns in the team. We share design tips around localization, visual style, and copywriting every week. During this period, I shared ten blogs of different contents, and accumulated more than 200 followers. We also shared our learning and experiences at an overseas business exchange meeting.

Share more than 10 localization design tips in the channel.

These include considerations like adapting date formats to different countries, understanding the cultural significance of colors in various regions, and accommodating variations in language length and weight...

Presenting insights that we've gathered in a large sharing meeting with all monetization team members. And we get lots of positive feedbacks.

Our "Tips for global marketing" channel got 219 follows in just two weeks!

What did I learn?

🤔 Embrace complexity with simplicity in B2B products

In B2B settings, things can get complex with intricate processes, extensive data, and various stakeholders. Users have unique roles and goals within their organizations.

As a UX designer, our goal is to help user simplify complex process, brake down tasks into manageable steps and focusing on  creating intuitive and streamlined user interfaces that help users navigate through intricate workflows effortlessly.

💬 Express yourself proactively

Working with a diverse and large group for the first time was initially challenging during my internship. I struggled with deciding between various options. However, I came to understand that the UI/UX design process is all about sharing, communicating, and testing.

I learned the importance of proactively expressing my ideas, sharing my work with colleagues, and seeking feedback. Often, individuals with fresh perspectives can identify unique details that we might overlook.

📖 Rapid learning & adaptation

As a newcomer at ByteDance, it's crucial to quickly familiarize ourselves with the various toolsets and design workflows in place.

In my role as a UX designer, collaboration with colleagues from different departments is a fundamental aspect of our work. To ensure successful integration into the company culture and team dynamics, it's essential to proactively adapt and engage with our environment. Consistent and effective communication with our colleagues is key to fostering strong working relationships that will facilitate future collaborations.

Lots of thanks to the lovely team

TikTok international monetization products Shanghai group

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